Our Team

Founder & CEO

Reena, proud mom of two kids, a serial entrepreneur and philanthropist, interestingly dove into entrepreneurship when most women take a career break, after her first child was born. She began with a staffing company, Avankia, then moved on to TargetRecruit, the most innovative talent management platform.

Reena Gupta

Client Relations Specialist

Mother of twins, Fitness Coach and Client Relations specialist who builds lasting relationships and customer engagement across a diversified spectrum of industries. Sarah is a Mom Relaunch success story and continues to grow in the initiative to get moms back into the workforce.

Sarah Grundy

UX / Interaction Designer

Mother of two teenagers (14 and 17),Sheeba has a diverse background of journalism, advertising, public relations, IT, quality assurance and project management. She had to take a break from her career to take care of family and knows the pain of not being able to use your talents and education.

Sheeba Thukral

Leader in End User Experience

Mother of two and leader of global Product teams in the Recruiting industry for the past 20 years, Christy’s passion is partnering with customers to select and align technology tools with their business strategy to improve operations.

Christy Dunlap

Founder and Chief Talent Officer

Mom of two teen children, a former marketing executive with The New York Times and The Walt Disney Company, Jane pivoted into recruiting in 1999. She currently runs her own executive search firm catering to digital media, mobile and emerging tech companies.

Jane Ashen Turkewitz

Marketing Manager

Riddhy is a mother of a two year old girl and she looks after marketing for Mom Relaunch. She comes from a diverse background across marketing, analytics, sales and client management.

Riddhy Mehta

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