HR System

RPO & HR Operations

We let you focus on your core business

Mom Relaunch provides administrative services for our clients so they can focus on core business and revenue generating functions. Our clients are able to reduce overhead by leveraging our services as business demands increase and decrease. Mom Relaunch provides you with experienced resources that can make suggestions to improve and streamline your business processes. We specialize in:


Marketing and Research Services

  • Brand building across LinkedIn and other social media
  • Market research and analysis
  • Developing candidates engagement and relationships
  • Increasing job visibility through SEO and marketing automation

Admin Services

  • Job posting and management
  • Resume formatting and submissions
  • Background, education and employment verifications
  • Credentials verification, review and approval
  • VMS data entry and maintenance

Sourcing and Qualifying Candidates.

  • Candidate sourcing on external job boards and websites
  • Data entry and supplementation
  • Vendor management
  • Search job boards, web and social media
  • Vendor management
  • Create interview process and questions
  • Conduct online, phone, video, in-person interviews
  • Research and qualify candidates
  • Analyze recruiting and onboarding processes and make recommendations for process improvements
  • Conduct online, phone, video, in-person interviews
  • Conduct pre-screens, interviews and qualify candidates for hire

Onboarding and Employee Management

  • Employee onboarding
  • Training program design and delivery
  • Performance evaluation and career planning

Accounting and Payroll

  • Timesheet collection and verification
  • Payroll setup and processing
  • Client billing and collections
  • Other back office services