Simplify your hiring

We offer the simplest, most efficient way to hire talent moms in your organization. We give you access to a highly qualified pool of moms for in-demand roles you at your organization, which you cannot find anywhere else.

Each mom with us has been mentored by industry veterans, has gone through series of learning programs and workshops and is all equipped to do the next available job in HR & IT.

What’s more, our platform gives insights into hiring performance, lets you search, credential, rank moms suitable for the job. Our process is much simpler and faster and allows you to make the most of this hidden talent.

Permanent Hire

You save time and gain stability with permanent employees. They help you grow your business as they get more efficient at their jobs with time. We help you get the most loyal and stable resources.

  • Moms are stable and have higher retention rates
  • We intelligently match your hiring needs with active talent (moms) in a meaningful way

  • Offer Expertise with 2-8 years of experience range in HR & IT
  • Provide Full-time/ part-time jobs, offshore/ onsite resources

We charge on a per-candidate-basis, 15% of the hire’s first year base salary with a 100% money-back guarantee for 90 days.

Temporary Hire

If you have specific tasks or times, like a capability that you may not need regularly or a substitute for an employee, temporary or contract hire is cost effective.

  • Our experience says moms are extremely productive in the limited time they have
  • We offer the best resources (moms) against your temporary talent needs
  • Help you achieve lower cost-to-hire

For contract, we charge hourly/monthly rate depending on the resource type and for contract-to-hire, the fees is 10% of the salary of the hire.

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