Find Peers

Find Peers

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Positive peer relationships are one of the most valuable things to have in a successful career. Peers provide a strong network and support system, which is invaluable for moms. Your peers at Mom Relaunch will be there to celebrate your achievements and good times. They will be there for you when things get tough.


Your peers at Mom Relaunch are going through the same journey as you are. When you choose a peer for yourself, both of you help each other through this journey.


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  • Who selects and contacts the Peer?

    As of now, Mom Relaunch team will select a peer for you depending on your career plan, location, availability and other factors. Initial contact to the peer is made by us only and later communications need to be taken up by you and your peer. The success of this relationship is highly dependent on how you can make the best of this relationship.

  • May I postpone Peer Support, but still enroll for Mom Relaunch?

    It is possible to postpone the peer support. However, we strongly recommend that you enroll for peer support to leverage the strong network of moms that we have.

  • Is the Peer a colleague or a senior?

    You can have anyone as your peer as long as the person specializes in the same field as yours. Seniority or experience level is not considered while selecting a peer. However we keep in mind some more factors like location, interest areas to ensure that you get a right companion.

  • How long can I continue to be with the same Peer?

    As long as you and your peer are willing and satisfied with each other, you can continue to be a peer to each other. We will be having qualitative surveys regularly with you and your peer to understand how you both are benefiting from each other.

  • Is there any training required to be a Peer to someone?

    Yes. We will conduct a short orientation when a peer is allotted and also share guidelines around how should you contact each other, help each other as well as raise flags when things are not going well.