Family Cares Services

Family Care Services

Family and career in harmony

Are you worried about taking care of family members when you get back to the workforce? We have you covered with options to choose from, for both child care and senior care. It can be challenging to find a fine balance between caring for family and working on your career. With some assistance and time management you can create a successful career and a happy family.


Moms, we help you find what you need.


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  • What is Family Care Services?

    Family care services focuses on meeting the short-term or long-term care needs of children, elders or adults with disabilities. We have partnered with many such service providers, so that moms like you, who want to resume working but are unable to, due to one of these responsibilities.

  • Who assists me in finding a Family Care Service provider?

    If you are interested in availing this service, we request you to fill up this form. We understand your needs and recommend you service providers, as well as provide your information to those service providers. You can seek help from your Mom Relaunch Peers as well.

  • Can I choose my own providers?

    Yes, you are free to choose your providers and not avail through Mom Mojo Services. We are just an enabler to your decision making.

  • Do I pay anything to Mom Relaunch for these services?

    No, you do not have to pay us anything. The amount for the services availed need to be directly paid to the service providers.

  • Who is responsible if something goes wrong?

    Once you choose a service provider and start availing their services, Mom Relaunch has no intervention to it. It’s the sole responsibility of the service provider. However, in case of an unexpected incident, you should inform us and we may remove the service provider listing from our portal.

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