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Prior to starting a position offered by MomRelaunch, I was working 50-60 hours a week and commuting over 40 hours a month. Last year my daughter was diagnosed with high functioning autism and I made the decision to look for a position that would allow me to spend more time with her. Working from home is so much more rewarding than I anticipated. I am significantly more productive as I am not distracted as frequently throughout the day and I am able to take my daughter to school every day and pick her up a few days a week. The position itself very rewarding and I get more satisfaction from my current role than I did previously.


With the team’s active help, mentoring and guidance I realized that if I was willing to learn, put that into action, and work hard, there was nothing I could not achieve. Each day was a learning leap for me. There are so many stay at home moms who are willing to get back into the active workforce. All they need is a little guidance and an


I have found a purpose, a community, and a rewarding career I can grow in while giving back. I’m ready to pay that forward to as many moms as I can. With strong mentorship, women can become major assets for corporations and the economy as a whole, while finding a rewarding career and keeping their family a priority.

Sarah Grundy