About Us

Our vision is to “foster a society which is empowered by strong and self-sufficient women, who serve as role models for their children and help grow the economy.”

43% of women with children leave their jobs. 93% of them want to return, but face odds. Mom Relaunch is an initiative started by a group of moms to bring stay-at-home talent back into the workforce. Our goal is to create a stronger society and economy, where women are inspirational and are creating a successful and remunerative career for themselves and others.

Mom Relaunch is a one stop solution to help employ women who haven’t been part of the workforce and have taken a career break. We do this in 4 ways: training, networking, mentoring, and job searching. We train moms by discovering their interests and specialties, help them network by creating a self-sustaining community of mothers and help them get jobs.

Service offerings of Mom Relaunch to corporates include our unique Momplemenation services in HR operations & IT consulting services.

Our experience suggests that Moms are committed, accountable and productive resources who can be an asset to your company. Momplemenation is our unique service model where services are provided by moms, who are trained and mentored to excel in their jobs.

Through this service offering, we support HR Operations and IT Consulting services and provide personalized attention to an organization’s unique business requirements. From automating HR operations to IT implementations, Mom Relaunch believes in empowering its clients for them to have a competitive edge, through cutting edge innovation and expertise.

Reena Gupta, the founder of Mom Relaunch is also a CEO and founder of Avankia and TargetRecruit. She is a serial entrepreneur and a philanthropist. Reena saw the potential of harnessing this talent pool and started Mom Relaunch to facilitate the re-entry of moms into the workforce. Initially she began with hiring moms at her firm and later was joined by some of them to help propagate this further. Mom Relaunch has already yielded many success stories.

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