A rendezvous with humanity

Has it ever happened to you that you are standing in an alley (perfectly alright) and people are reaching out to you to see how they can help, without you even asking for it?

Sounds bizarre right?

Well, it happened to me. I went to SIA Executive Forum 2018 in Miami few days back and I not only witnessed it, but experienced it first hand. The catch here is that I was standing in front of Mom Relaunch banner and it made all the difference. No, I am not trying to promote my initiative, rather I want to thank all those people who stopped, by without me even asking them to.

I want to thank all those people, who made me experience the goodness in each one of us, that just needs a right trigger to come out.

Leaders who appreciated the model

Talking about SIA, its an event beaming with bright and important people of the industry, filled with talks about technological advancements, upcoming trends of the staffing industry and much more. Staffing industry is where jobs are filled and people in the industry understand the supply-demand equation of talent very well. Yet, I had the wittiest of the people telling me that this Mom Relaunch model is so simple yet it hits the sweet spot. The idea of “The Goldmine of Hidden Talent” (we use this term for women on a career break) impressed many out there and they wanted to join us as mentors and advisors.

Competitors for cooperating

Another set of people/ companies, who would be easily classified as our competition are welcoming our ideas and want to work together. Even competitors of my other companies- Avankia and TargetRecruit have come forward. This is not industry consolidation nor Coopetition. The intent is that since we are all working towards the same objective, we would rather work hand-in-hand to create a larger impact. Only in a society, which is not totally impacted by capitalism and people believe in equitable growth, is where this is possible.

Those who want to extend this further

Interestingly, I even met those who suggested or want to extend this initiative to support autistic children, prisoners who have been released, differently-abled community as well. To me, these are great thoughts and I am ready to help if anyone is interested in setting it up. As of now, Mom Relaunch focuses on HR & IT industry and if anyone wants to extend it to other industries, I am willing to support.

While writing this post I not only feel proud, but extremely satisfied as well. Community support is all an initiative like Mom Relaunch needs to create an impact. This may sound childlike, but I will end my post by saying,“The world is full of good people.”