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Story of Sarah, a health coach who found a right career

I was among the talent sitting at home! My story reflects one, but there are many like it and I’m an example of how tapping into skilled women who are staying at home, could help to bolster our economy and our corporate world’s bottom line. I’m a testiment that there are skilled, educated and valuable assets sitting right at home. After a decade of education and working in the work force, I started a family and that idea of having it all started to affect my health and well being, while taking precious time I could not get back away from my family. Becoming a mother shifted my priorities and I wanted to be available for phases of my children’s lives that I could not get back and not sacrifice my health to do it.

I left the corporate world for the unknown.

In the past, in order to secure work at home positions, I’ve jumped from contract to contract and job to job to find the right work life balance as a mom of twins. Lately, I found stability in the most unlikely of places.

Had you told me I’d be working as a communications liaison for an Ecosystem of cloud based staffing Apps build on SalesForce (I had to google that to be sure I was saying it right), I wouldn’t have believed it. 

In a world of computer scientists, coding geniuses, and those implementing systems I can’t pronounce, my unique talents came in handy. That’s what I do. I help to establish, repair, and clarify the relationships among our clients, the support team and bridge any gaps that may come up between the various departments and our clients in the US, while planning ways to stay more in touch with our very valued client base through means such as webinars, newsletters and regular contact. I’m learning the system slowly but surely, but have been able to increase renewal rates and retention rates just by delivering in the area of relationship building and giving a listening ear to our clients.

Let me backtrack a little. When Reena Gupta, the CEO of TargetRecruit found me, I was working tirelessly to build my health and fitness coaching practice, while working as a Clinical Researcher at the University of Pennsylvania. With a strong benefits package and mediocre compensation, I’d been searching for a work at home opportunity with great difficulty. I still needed stability as I’m the primary breadwinner in our family, but craved the flexibility of no commute so I could use all my extra hours to build my passion!

Communication has always been my strength. Listening, writing, relationship building and gathering others around a cause. Studying at the Manhattan College, MaryMount and working in Multi-Media prepared me for a variety of diverse work environments. I’ve gone from being a writer, journalist, photojournalist, transcriber, Opthalmic surgical assistant and clinical researcher at a University (that was when I never saw my family) and somehow all of the skills I’ve gathered in those arenas has somehow prepared me for the work I do with TargetRecruit.

Quite an unlikely match and a chance meeting of two professional women has come to be rewarding in many ways for all parties involved. What I’ve learned in sales, business, technology, patience, diligence, accountability and more will surely come with me wherever I go and I hope to grow with the core mission of TargetRecruit more and more each day, as much as they have all helped me to grow. It’s provided stability for my family and an opportunity to live a fulfilling life and pursue my dream at the same time. Furthermore, with a simple social media post a slew of educated, talented women flocked to the idea of doing the same as Surabhi and I have done. Our economy needs help and so do a lot of mothers, who are sitting at home with talent that could bolster our economy and your bottom line. Who’s coming on board?