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Guiding the Mompreneur Workforce

Mompreneur, a relatively new term, is “a multi-tasking woman who is actively balancing the demands of a career or business and the time-consuming duties of motherhood simultaneously.” These women not only defy odds as powerful and inspirational in the workforce, but also go above and beyond by holding the additional title of a mother. I’d like to share my perspective on guiding the workforce through my own experience in building my career while being a mother of two.

After I married and moved to the United States, I was able to focus on starting my career with a small IT staffing company. I worked there for three years as an IT consultant in different roles––from developer to project manager. I then joined as a chief technical architect for a startup company, but the company was later acquired and eliminated my position. Interestingly enough, the newly merged company reached out to me within a month of eliminating my position and asked if I would come back. The opportunity to rejoin gave me motivation to start consulting on my own, allowing more time and flexibility to manage my work hours after just having my son.

With my own experience in mind, remote work does give you the flexibility, but requires excellent time management skills to juggle both work and family. In my consulting role, I saw the need to add more resources and grow the company, but was able to at a pace I could handle. The key in building a foundation for my career was to identify opportunity, take advantage when it presented itself, and then start building on that. My career only evolved from there.

There are many benefits to remote roles––you can work completely online, create your own work environment, manage a full schedule, and maintain your involvement at home. There’s a larger group of exceptional talent out there who have the skills to telecommute and carry on as a mother. The challenge is motivating this group of talented women to continue to build their career, and not give up on it after they start a family. Take a different approach to growing your career and family, and understand the value you have to offer to any business.

Some may lack the confidence or drive to excel in both roles simultaneously. No matter what is thrown our way, we must be open and adapt to change. To boost these mompreneurs’ confidence and motivation, resources should be available to help guide them in the right direction so they can work effectively and efficiently while also running a busy household. Such supportive resources could include, but not limited to educational materials, a mentorship platform, or even a community group which allows them to participate with other mompreneurs via the web or at a local meeting spot. You can even outsource help in the home to allow more time with kids and work, and less time on laundry and other day-to-day tasks.

Mompreneurs should learn how to delegate effectively and decisively. If one can master the art of time management, only then will they be able to build a career remotely, and in turn find self fulfillment and long-term success. With my own years of experience in Tech, HR, running a business remotely and being a mother of two, I’d like to offer my guidance to anyone interested in learning more about telecommuting roles and how to leverage technology and time management to build on their career. If interested in learning more about this opportunity, please reach out to