We empower moms returning to the workforce with training and hands-on skills to optimize a successful relaunch into the workforce. Forward-thinking companies who partner with us, appreciate the value and skills working moms contribute.

Mom Relaunch addresses the high demand for diversity and tech talent:

  • 46% of employers in the US can’t find skilled talent
  • 69% of executives rate diversity and inclusion as an important issue
  • Gender diversity targets are being set by more companies

And recognizes the under-utilized opportunity:

  • 25% of IT jobs are held by women
  • 43% of highly qualified women have left work voluntarily
  • 93% of these women want to return to their careers

How We Help Your Company

Strategic Diversity Programs

Training & Workshops

Recruiting & Project Implementation

Our Relaunch Process

We offer Moms the opportunities and tools to enhance skills-sets and gain work experience to successfully relaunch their careers.


Our Success Stories

Find inspiration in these stories of moms who have relaunched and reignited their careers.

About Us

We are committed to bringing talented moms back into the workforce, championing an inclusive culture of diversity and workplace equality.

43% of women with children leave work voluntarily at some point in their career. 93% of these women who took a career break want to rejoin the workforce.

Moms returning to the workforce need a proper platform to help prepare to return to the workforce. Mom Relaunch provides this platform by training, nurturing, mentoring and advising moms as they traverse the path from career break to relaunch.

What's Happening At Mom Relaunch

Mentor Our Moms
Make a difference by volunteering to mentor our moms. Plus get a chance to attend WITness Success in Nashville with us!
Ultimate Relaunch Guide
Mom Relaunch has partnered with Creative Circle, the leading creative staffing agency, to bring you the ultimate return to work guide for moms
Salesforce Partner Program
Mom Relaunch has achieved Salesforce Partner status! Kudos to the Salesforce team for a great partner community program.

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Together we can create a society empowered by strong, financially independent women.